Machine design and product development

Semi-Conductor industry (clean room)

Our Integrated Automatic Machines for the Semi-Conductor industry provide cutting-edge solutions to enhance the production efficiency and accuracy of semi-conductor components.

Medical industry

We are developing machines & products for Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the production process.

Gemstone cutting industry - Machines

The original ISRAELI Gemstone Faceting Machines. Ultimate use of "Jamb-Peg" cutting technic. Impeccable accuracy & durability.

Food industry

Our machine design provides solutions to enhance operational efficiency across food production. We leverage technology and sustainability practices to ensure high-quality products and with compliance to food standards requirement's.

Automated Production Processes

We have vast experience with servo controlled mechanical drive systems, robotics, vacuum engineering, and automated production processes.

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About Us
BHandasa company was founded by Boaz Grosman in 2014. BHandasa emerged from Zamrot Ashalim Eng. Co. which was founded in 1988 by Yehoshua Mor,  ZAE developed OEM products and contract engineering projects in the related areas.

After the sudden and tragic death of Shuki in 2013, Boaz and former colleges established a new company, utilizing the vast knowledge and experience they gained. The company objective is to focus its engineering and marketing on the semi-conductor equipment market and other similar industries.
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  • Office: P.O. Box 80884, Mevaseret Zion, Israel Shipping: Hauzrar 11, Abu Gush, 9084500, Israel