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Yehoshua "Shuki" Mor
In memory of Shuki
For twenty years Shuki Mor has been the owner of ZAE. For us, Shuki was a unique manager, a source of inspiration and a mentor. Over the years, the engineers have enjoyed a working environment that was relaxed and open to creativity. Shuki knew how to guide us just by minimal involvement. He had the ability to recognize the critical points in the design, made the necessary adjustments and send us back to the design table. Shuki was an engineer with vast theoretical and practical knowledge and was endowed with an amazing memory for formulas and data.

Over the years the company has faced many challenges and Shuki was occupied with many subjects: projects, clients, workers, financing, time tables, purchasing, selling, price estimations, partners, banks, exports, imports etc. Shuki always managed to stay calm. He never raised his voice even though at times we gave him a good reason to. Shuki was always searching for solution to a problem rather than wasting time on looking for a person to blame it for. 

Colleagues and clients alike will vouch to the fact that Shuki's opinion was highly valued. During consultations, Shuki used to listen to everyone's opinions while remaining humble and keeping in mind that not all the wisdom lay with him. After some thought, Shuki used to express his opinion without a shred of arrogance, and in most cases, he was correct.

I miss Shuki's wisdom and kindness. At times, during the day, while considering many issues, I wonder how would Shuki act on this matter. I owe him the engineer that I am and for the twenty years of work with plenty of joy and interest.


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BHandasa Eng. is engaged in contract engineering projects and self-initiated product development.
At BHandasa Eng. we design and develop advanced integrated automatic machines, Servo controlled mechanical drive systems, robotics, vacuum engineering, automated production processes for clean room environments and the pharmaceutical industry.​
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