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A unique device designed for a variety of soil sifting applications in archeology, construction or gardening.

The device is constructed out of stainless steel to reach high durability in continues work and harsh conditions.

Soil Sifting Device

  • Significant savings in manpower and work time
  • High sifting speed
  • Quick sieve change 
  • Ease of installation, operation, dismantling, handeling and storage
  • Durability in harsh conditions - Dust, rain and mud
  • Adjustable working height for ease of use
  • Convenient sorting platform - acts as a stationary table
  • Can be used in remote areas - no power source needed

Length - 96 cm, width - 58 cm, height - 27 cm.
Weight ~ 15.5 Kg.

Sieve dimensions:
Length - 60 cm, width - 47 cm, height - 9 cm

* All dimensions can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.
The price does not include accessories such as sieves and metal poles.
Sieves can be purchased with a variaty of density levels.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, price quote and more details.

Patent pending

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