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Our machines make an ultimate use of the "Jamb-Peg" system design.
Our machines allow substantial increase in both the output and the quality of mass production colored gemstones:
  • ​Simple to operate - It requires only a few hours of basic training for an unskilled operator to be able to fully operate the machine
  • High quality engineering :
    • Provides tight tolerance so the worker has a minimum negative effect on the gemstone faceting process
    • Minimizes the need for adjustment during faceting and polishing
    • Eliminates annoying noise and vibrations
    • Prolongs machine life use
  • Advanced ergonomic properties of the machines, providing prolonged work time without fatigue or strain on the operator
  • Simple Add-on kits will upgrade your system for additional faceting options: Table facet & Girdle facet
  • Each of the machines can be used for both wet and dry cutting and polishing
  • 5-years guarantee for all of our products
Gemstone Faceting Machines

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BHandasa Eng. is engaged in contract engineering projects and self-initiated product development.
At BHandasa Eng. we design and develop advanced integrated automatic machines, Servo controlled mechanical drive systems, robotics, vacuum engineering, automated production processes for clean room environments and the pharmaceutical industry.​
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