BHandasa Engineering ב.הנדסה - #1040 Girdling Machine - Horizontal Free Hand
This machine is designed especially for efficient free-hand girdling of facet stones and cabochons.
  • Unique hoizontal operation that provides the operator with a constant bird's-eye view during the girdling process
  • Three girdling speeds
  • Advanced ergonomic properties which provide prolonged work time without fatigue or strain on the worker
  • Various grinding wheels (for polishing or grinding) can be inserted into the machine to meet specific needs
  • Built-in water management system for cooling and waste disposal
#1040 Girdling Machine - Horizontal Free Hand
Remark: work bench and polishing/grinding/blades wheels are not included.
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  • Dimensions (h x d x w)       400mm x 630mm x 810mm
  • Rotation Speeds                  700, 1400, 2800rpm
  • Wheel Diameter                  150mm
  • Wheel Arbor Diameter       20mm
  • Weight                                  ~ 25kg

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